We Know Too Much


For God so loved the world…

Who? GOD.

Because He’s the only one capable of loving the whole world.
You can only love YOUR world.
• your family
• your community

We weren’t meant to know so much about so many people. For example, social media makes us super aware of so many different things.

You were meant to have compassion, but you do not have the emotional resources to love & respond to everything that you’re aware of.

When you try to respond to everything you dilute your love…

Can you really care about all of the people you see on your feed? Can you really do that AND love your own family at the same time? Maybe not. We cannot trade away the people that God has assigned to our lives to pay so much devotion to some that we may never even meet.

Our children are hungry for our attention as we give so much of it to those we don’t really know.

It’s no wonder that our generations are flocking to Disneyland…they make people feel like they matter. There’s a sense of attention and intention with the way they care for you. They make you feel like you really matter. I can see why people are willing to place such a high priority to be there…they just want to be happy. Nothing wrong with it, but I see the faces of people trying to escape. 

Finally, may God help us to be the nurturing environment that our family and friends really need us to be. Sure it takes effort, but everything worthwhile does.

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